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About us

Chakpak is a community site for enthusiasts of South Indian movies with focus on sharing information and knowledge on films. The site strives to offer insights on the Southern film industry to both the movie fans as well as industry insiders due to its close association with leading film personalities

About Trivone


Trivone is a new age information company committed to leveraging content on the Web to start conversations and build communities. We believe in the power of content to initiate an exchange of views and ideas among target audiences across verticals. This power is rooted in the medium itself because unlike traditional media where you read or listen, in the digital world you engage.

You share your thoughts, express yourself, react and keep the conversation going with an expanding circle of interested people. And as conversations take flight, people come together in communities, like birds when they flock together. Ideas aggregate, to enrich the quality of life itself.

Trivone is committed to creating shared value, for the digital community and for its clients. The content we create and manage is focused on opening minds and creating an ever growing community of idea evangelists. That’s the unique value we bring to our wide spectrum of services.

We own and manage seven dynamic web sites. India’s largest consumer technology portal,Techtree.com, gives the latest views, reviews and street prices on tech products. Chakpak.comis the one stop shop for all the breaking news, views and gossip about South Indian films, celebs and film events. CXOtoday.com engages the decision makers of India's leading enterprises and provides them with the IT perspective. Supportbiz.com caters to small and medium enterprises and provides interviews, policy updates, business information, breaking news and analysis.ChannelTimes.com is the country’s premier information vehicle for IT channel partners.Khelnama.com is India's complete sports destination for cricket, tennis, football and athletics.WheelsUnplugged.com has the latest auto industry news, new launches, car and bike reviews and a buyer’s guide.


We create unique content that is thought provoking and flares the imagination of the community. Our editorial content will aim to be collaborative, inclusive and conversation centric. Through superior design and user interface, the content will strive to energize and promote the growth of community eco systems. We aggregate content from disparate sources and manage it by ensuring that it stays current and relevant.


The emphasis will be on ‘meaningful conversation’ over time to promote affinity to our media properties. This is structured on the belief that affinity leads to relationships which creates a virtuous cycle of sharing and monetizing.


Build loyal and robust likeminded communities that foster a deep sense of the ‘community feel’ to every visitor visiting our websites. The focus will be on structuring dependable and loyal groups that are self-sustaining. Our communities are organic elements that get born, grow, create large number of threads where conversations take place and even, in some cases, render themselves redundant if needed. Our community members are active partners in this process of community creation. Utilization of relevant tools and metrics to ensure a meaningful ‘community experience’ will be a critical objective