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Akashathinte Niram is worth a watch!


The movie has Indrajith as a burglar who ends up in an island, as he is lodged in an oldman (Nedumudi Venu)’s boat while demanding some money from him. The old man was actually making his monthly visit to the nearby harbour on his motorboat to sell his hand made products. To his surprise, the burglar finds that the entire island has only a few occupants- a mute girl (Amala Paul), a helper with a stammer (Anoop Chndran)and a seven year little boy(Master Govardhan) and that he is trapped in the island.. After getting  frustrated upon being in such a discontent situation with nothing much to do, the pickpocket gradually turns a new leaf  after having a go of his anger at all the occupants of the island.  After observing their way of life and their involvedness, the young man gets to know how nature is important for human life. A very unusual and a striking plot as far as Mollywood is concerned, Dr Biju has etched out characters that stand out brilliantly.


Indrajith, Amala Paul, Master Govardhan, Nedumudi Venu


M J Radhakrishnan

Story Review : 

Dr.Biju with his few movies has already grabbed fame as a thinking film maker, who sees the medium differently from the many others of his age in the industry. His previous movies have been accorded with many big accolades and awards in world famous festivals. His latest Akashathinte Niram is another attempt in similar veins, which continue with his line of presentations. As usual from Dr Biju, the movie is mostly ornamented with  a somber silence, with a fable like story, nameless characters all set up in an isolated beautiful island which becomes the habitat for a few.

Watch the movie for:

  • Very different story lines that matches the movies of world renowned film makers like Kim Ki Duk.
  • Great cinematography from M J Radhakrishnan who very well captures through the camera, nature’s finesse in making everything great round us.

  • Fine cast and performances with Indrajith stealing the show with his natural ease.

  • Fine music by Isaac Thomas and Raveendra Jain, that adds to the mood of the movie.        

Skip the movie for:

  • Tad slow narratives, that becomes unbearable for lovers of pure commercial cinema .
  • Few dialogues and a non- happening first half
  • Conventional presentation
  • Some dialogues appear melodramatic and lifeless.

 Aakashathinte Niram is worth a watch a watch for all those who have patience to love quality cinema. The movie is a definite attempt from Dr.Biju to enter the hall of universal fame.