Ram Charan Teja keen on Chiranjeevi’s 150th film | Chakpak

Ram Charan Teja keen on Chiranjeevi’s 150th film


Good news for all the mega star Chiranjeevi fans! All those who were disappointed that Chiranjeevi will not act anymore after his 149th film will be happily shocked to hear that his 150th film is all set to take off sometime in 2014. The green signal has been given, and the only question is whether the film will be before 2014 elections or after. 

It is said Ram Charan Teja is busy listening to stories for his dad’s film. He has left all his work aside and is in search of a good film. They have also held consultations with many directors regarding the film, and it is believed they have even spoken to Shankar to take up the project. 

Ram Charan wants the film to be the best one in his father’s career and is ready to go to any extent and finalise the matters. Interestingtly, Ram Charan will be producing this film.