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South actresses smoke and drink a lot: Sana Khan


In what is considered as a startling revelation of sorts the Mumbai-based sizzling actress has gone on record saying that in her opinion, “actresses from South smoke cigars and drink alcohol much more than their contemporaries in the North do.”

Sana essayed a meaningful role as one of the hostages in Prakashraj’s Payanam directed by Radhamohan which released last year.  The actress, who debuted as heroine in Tamil films in Simbu’s Silambattam a few years back, is presently playing the late Silk Smitha in her debut Malayalam film, Profile.

Speaking to newspersons recently in Chennai, she said, “Though I’m a typical Mumbaikar, I don’t have any boyfriend as such.  I pray five times a day like any Muslim does and fast for 30 days in a year.  I neither smoke nor drink.  Contrary to the popular perception that Bollywood actresses smoke and drink a lot, I find actresses from South India indulging a lot in such luxuries.

I have personally seen many actresses (here) walk with a swagger after drinking heavily.  They manage their PR so well that things such as these don’t come to light.   I personally feel that irrespective of whether you’re born in Chennai or in Mumbai, the way you are brought up and your determination to remain uninfluenced by your surrounding matters a lot,” said Khan.

The actress however did not reveal any names.