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Thuppaki crew copies the poster of a Hollywood film


Getting ‘inspired’ from a Hollywood flick or a film from other language and making a film in one’s mother tongue is entirely different from plagiarizing the sequences in the film frame-by-frame.  Instead of opting for the first option, the second option was resorted to in last year’s Deivathirumagal directed by A L Vijay as the film was a frame-by-frame copy of the Hollywood hit film I Am Sam.

Even frontline directors have resorted to the tactic of ‘lifting’ important sequences from hit films in Hollywood and ‘changing’ them according to Tamil sentiments and tastes.  For many of those who loved Deivathirumagal and wondered why Vikram missed out on a probable national award for ‘best actor’, only original films are considered for this award and not films ‘based’ entirely or loosely on other language films.

Suriya’s Ghajini, which was directed by A R Murugadoss, not only put him on the road to superstardom but also paved the way for ARM’s entry into Bollywood by remaking it in Hindi with Aamir Khan in the lead.  The many positives and high points in the film notwithstanding, it’s a fact that the film was ‘heavily inspired’ from the Hollywood flick Memento.

Thuppaki V/S An Officer And A Gentleman

Actor Vijay’s upcoming film Thuppakki, which just got out of a legal tangle over the use of the film’s title, appears to be the latest film which is a ‘true copy’ of the original Hollywood film.  Directed by ARM again, the film has Kajal Aggarwal as Vijay’s love interest in it.  The controversy over the film’s title and its design is a different story; what is pricking people’s mind now is the publicity still released recently.

Vijay, clad in an army officer’s uniform, holding Kajal Aggarwal in his hands.  Kajal don’s Vijay’s army cap in that still photograph, which is a total replica of a picture from a famous Hollywood film titled An Officer And A Gentleman (1982) which starred Richard Gere and Debra Winger in lead roles.  Even the minute detail such as the way Debra has crossed her legs in the still has been copied. The only apparent difference is that Kajal dons an army cap while Debra dons a navy cap.

Can’t our film-makers do anything original at least for the publicity stills?