Why was Billa-2 release delayed? | Chakpak

Why was Billa-2 release delayed?


It was expected to be a classic duel at the box-office between Ajith's Billa-2 and Karthi's Saguni. However, that will not happen now as Billa-2 won't be releasing on 22 June as it was slated to.

The film had been given a 'A' certificate by the Censors which had apparently upset the makers' plans and also sent them into a huddle as to how go about things and at least try for a 'U/A' by agreeing to the cuts suggested by the Censor officials.

‘They are planning to appeal in the Mumbai Censor office,’ sources said.

Meanwhile, sources close to Sunir Kheterpal, producer of Billa 2 as saying that they hadn't obtained the censor certificate as yet and were not in a position announce the release date before that.

On the other hand, Saguni is said to be gearing up for a rather big release and the hype has been unbelievable.