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Dubbed Shakuni stands out


'Kamal Krishna' (Karthi) is a ordinary guy from the Andhra town called Samarlakota. With ancestral property in his town set to be demolished due to the laying of railway track, he takes up the task of saving it. And for this purpose, he decides to seek the help of politician and travels to Hyderabad. As usual he is not even cared for. Here he also understands how corrupt and bad is the chief minister 'Bhupathi' (Prakash Raj). Having understood the things and also that he will not get justice, he believes only by gaining political power he will be able to save the property. So he sets out on his political journey.

From here the film shows how the common man 'Kamal Krishna' turns into 'Shakuni' and starts playing politics. To start with he woos local money lender and small time 'Don Ramanakka' (Radhika) to file nomination for Corporator. With his play he slowly makes her the Mayor of Hyderabad. Now he approaches the local sanyasi 'BD Baba' (Naseer) and makes him a powerful Godman. He also helps in making these two very popular in the city. Now he targets opposition party leader 'Perumal' (Kota Srinivasa Rao) and makes him also powerful. Noticing these, chief minister 'Bhupathi' attacks him. How Kamal overcomes all these and saves his ancestral property forms the story. Sorry forgot to mention about our heroine, Pranitha: she plays the glamour doll (like all heroines) and provides the romantic relief in the film.


Karthi Sivakumar, Santhanam, Pranitha, Prakashraj, Radhika, Nasser, Kota Srinivasa Rao

Shankar Dayal

Bellamkonda Suresh

Music Director:
G V Prakash Kumar


Story Review : 

The film is a good political entertainer and has been presented well. The question is "Will it be absorbed by Telugu audience?". A pure play of wit and politics forms the gist of the entire film. Interesting way of replicating today’s political scenario. Sadly the heroine as no role to play and she is just used for glamour relief while the story takes turns and twists with political drama happening.

Watch movie for:

  • Karthi’s performance is good and stands above all. His dubbing in Telugu is also impressive.
  • Interesting presentation of politics.
  • Well etched out second half.
  • Supporting cast performances by Radhika, Naseer, Kota Srinivasa Rao and Prakash Raj.
  • Good cinematography

Skip movie for:

  • Pranitha’s role and performance.
  • GV Prakash’s music and songs.
  • Uninteresting first half.
  • Santhanam’s jokes didn’t work with Telugu audience.

Overall the film is worth watching, but Telugu people may not savour the Tamil flavour which visible and audible in every frame. If it goes well, then it is sure shot winner, with no big films in the vicinity.