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Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai: Old wine in a New bottle


A typical care-free youth of today, Seenu (Vishwa) is born and brought up in a washerman’s family.  As it ought to happen in a Tamil film, our hero comes across Mithra (sizzling Tanvi Vyas) and falls head-over-heels in love with her. 

Seenu enrolls in the same college where Mithra studies fashion technology so as to be in her ‘vicinity’ and attempt to impress her.  In due course, he forms a gang of friends which has Shyam (Irfan) who stays in the same premises as Mithra.

The effort to impress Mithra costs dearly for Seenu as a minor altercation between Seenu and Shyam snowballs into a major quarrel.  In the ensuing exchange of physical blows, Seenu accidentally kills Shyam and does the unthinkable act of burying Shyam’s corpse within the premises of Mithra’s house.

As time passes, Mithra falls for Seenu’s charms and admits her love for him.  Just when you thought what could then be the ‘trouble-brewing’ factor, a no-nonsense cop (Ravi Kale) enters their lives.  What happens later is revealed with some interesting twists and turns.


Vishwa, Irfan, Tanvi Vyas, Ravi Kalai, Satish, Mathi, Mahendran

Directed By:
P V Prasad

A J Daniel

Story Review : 

After making a super hit debut with Kaadhalil Vizhundhaen a few years back, director P V Prasad is back in action with another film. And much like his debut venture, he has opted for a fresh cast to play the lead roles in the film.

But Prasad appears to have been struck by the ‘repeat your story’ syndrome as the storyline appears not too dissimilar to the script of his successful debut venture Kadhalil Vizhundhaen.  The hero becoming psychotic and treating his ladylove as a prized possession isn’t something we haven’t witnessed before in films.

Apparently in no mood to change the ‘winning formula’, Prasad has tried pouring ‘old wine’ in a ‘new bottle’.  You are then faced with many expected turns, thrills and developments which reach a saturation level sooner than you might think.

Prasad’s perseverance in casting newcomers in pivotal roles is appreciable.  Vishwa, beauty queen Tanvi Vyas and Irfan have played their characters to perfection while Ravi Kale is as menacing as only he can be.

Watch the film for:

  • Background score;
  • Tanvi’s amazing elegance;
  • Vishwa’s spirited performance

Skip the film for:

  • A not-so-novel storyline;
  • Visualization of songs though they sound melodious;
  • Shoddy screenplay with expected turns and twists