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Getting typecast isn't my way: Kishore


cialis online for sale anchor buy generic xenical generic zoloft cytotec 800 mg oral From a baddie in Polladhavan to critically acclaimed ilms like Haridas and Vanayudham, it's been a pretty momentous journey in filmdom for Kishore. 

The lanky actor has shown lot of spunk in choosing a variety of roles and shining through in them too. The actor is known for hitting the headlines for all the right reasons and has plenty of reason to smile too. His effort in Haridas as the father of an autistic child has won him all-round praise and underscores his versatility.

Now, he is among the most sought-after actors in tinsel town, given his ability to excel in a variety of roles.

Kishore, who sizzled in his portrayal of the dreaded forest brigand Veerappan in the recently released Vanayudham ,is upbeat about the times ahead.

How happy are you with the way things are shaping up in Kollywood for you? 

Very (happy). I never expected such good times. Maybe I got lucky with some of the roles but I always give my 100 per cent and the results are there for everyone to see. 

Talk us through the role in Haridas, a tough one at that...

Yeah, it was tough to do that. In hindsight I am happy that I accepted the film by (GNR) Kumaravelan. He is a very good film-maker and also got the best out of me. It was a challenging role and I am sure I did my best. Credit should also go to the lad who donned the role of an autistic child.

There has been talk that you almost looked similar to Veerappan and hence did a great job.

(Laughs) Do I? It was a good challenge to look and act like Veerappan and I am glad it came out well. Biopics are never easy and think director AMR Ramesh did a good job too. I enjoyed playing the role and am happy to receive such good responses.

Tell us about your evolution as an actor.

I started with a villain’s role in Dhanush's Polladhavan and was happy with my performance. Since then I have played varied roles including one of the kabbadi coach in Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu and I enjoyed doing that too. After that I have been trying out various characters and as it is often said 'variety is the spice of life' and I am all for it.

Which would pick as your better and more challenging ones, so far? 

I hold the Polladhavan role still very close to me. The one is Haridas would be right up there and I will keep trying my hand at different roles. Just getting typecast isn't my way and I want to keep attempting new things. 

What are your future plans?

I have quite a few movies on hand including Udhayam NH4 and my aim is to prove my mettle consistently. Just signing up movies for the heck of it is not for me, i want to essay quality roles and do my best.