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Handling super heroes is difficult: Rajamouli


buy nolvadex post cycle buy real propecia online 70 mg of lexapro buy real propecia online All eyes are on well-known film director S S Rajamouli and his new film Eega, starring Sudeep, Nani and Samantha in lead roles. The film is all set to release on the July 6. Rajamouli is very confident that this film also like his earlier films will do well at the box-office. But at the same time accepts that he is quite nervous about the film. How did he come up with a weird idea of a fly taking a revenge on a human being? Rajamouli answers this question along with many others when he was in Bangalore for a special press meet of the film. Here are some excerpts from an exclusive interview with the director.

A fly taking over a human being is a story unheard of. Well, how did you get such an idea?

Frankly speaking it is not my idea, but my father's. He had told this story almost 15 years ago. He is a master story teller and he tells a fresh thought every week. He wrote a story about a boy taking revenge on a villain after taking a rebirth as a fly. When he narrated it to us, I laughed heartily because I know the torture given by the flies. When we were young, we didn't have any toilets in our homes and we had to go in open land for the toilet. The flies torture you to the limit. So, we had first-hand experiences of the torture of flies.
When I finished Maryaade Ramanna, suddenly this idea came to me and I pondered with the idea of why not doing a film with the basic plot. I couldn't have done such a film ten years back. Now with lot of improvised technology and animation, I have finally finished the film.

How difficult was it to do such a film?

Actually speaking, I couldn't have done the film 10 years back. I needed a lot of moral support to do the film. Not even Hollywood has tried such a film. This is not a cartoon film but a realistic animated film. It was a difficult task because I didn't know anything about animation. Without others’ support I could not have done such a film.

The film must have strained you a lot?

Actually,we started out to do a small film. But the film went on to be bigger and bigger day by day. But still the film was something special. Our producer Suresh Babu gave us a huge support in the making of the film. Firstly, the film was supposed to release in the month of December. Then January, then April and now the film is finally scheduled for a July 6 release. Frankly speaking, out of 10 films, he is the only producer who asked me to take my own time.

Why Sudeep?

Actually it is the complexity of the role. Sudeep's character needs to be very stylish, villanish, comical and again deadly serious- all these aspects without losing the style. It is a complex character and I wanted a talented actor to portray the role. I was really blown away when I saw his Rann. Firstly, his was a nice performance and secondly, he did a great job  with Amitabh Bachhan. I needed himbadly and when I called him for the role, he obliged and accepted to act in the film. At the end of my career, if someone asks me what youhave done, I will tell proudly that I have worked with a fantastic actor like Sudeep. He is not only an actor but a fantastic painter, singer, make-up artiste and a bundle of talent. I wanted the whole of South India to see and understand his talent. So, I decided to cast him in the film.

After consecutive successes, do you think the industry will give freedom for fresh thoughts and ideas?

Definitely yes. Every industry gives the freedom to do whatever we want. But the market poses some restrictions. It’s up to us to choose whether we work for the industry or market.

Recently you rejected an offer to direct Chiranjeevi. While every director dreams of directing Chiranjeevi, it’s weird that you turned down the offer?

I am really afraid of directing super heroes like Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna. I can direct such actors who are friends. Directing is easy when the artistes come to my house and I go to theirs. But handling super heroes is bit difficult for me.

After Eega, what next?
I will be directing a film for my mentor K Raghavendra Rao. Prabhas will be acting in the film.