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A mediocre Vaadhyar


Jayasurya is ‘Anoop Krishna’, an ambitious young man who looks forward to a high flying job by studying MBA. But his mother wants him to be a teacher as his late father ‘Krishnankutty’, a much respected teacher himself, has already deposited ten lakh rupees with a school management for his job. ‘Anoop’ who finally ends up in the Saraswathy Vilasam U P school at the silent village of Kottappuram, as a U P School teacher, finds to his surprise that the traditional school and its settings hardly offer him anything to cherish. Doing all the wild things that break mayhem in the otherwise well managed school, ‘Anoop’ plays movies for his students on his laptop instead of teaching them and chats for hours on his mobile phone even while on class.

 The manager ‘Gangadhara kurup’ (Vijayaraghavan), his daughter ‘Hema’(Ann Augustine) and his sister in law ‘Subhadra’,(Menaka) who is also the headmistress of the school find it hard to digest the ways of the T Shirt and jeans clad funky styled ‘Anoop’, who finally decides to quit his job and demand his investment back .Meanwhile, a scheming private school owner and the real estate brokers are busy trying to buy this school and its property by influencing higher officials. What happens next forms the rest of the movie.


Jayasurya, Ann Augustine, Menaka, Vijayraghavan, Nedumudi Venu, Kochupreman

Nidheesh Sakthi

Rajesh Raghavan

Pradeep Nair

R Gautham

N Sudhish

Story Review : 

Vaadhyar is another starter for many debutantes including the director Nidheesh Sakthi, scriptwriter Rajesh Raghavan and few others on the technical sides. Echoing the need for a better treatment to a shaky script and direction, Vaadhyar currently fares as an averagely made movie that hardly impresses you even in parts. With highly predictable stuff, the movie has a message that it pushes forward in a preachy tone.

Watch the movie for:

  • A fine message about the state of government schools and the need to run them effectively.
  • Some lively moments offered by Jayasurya, who makes a cakewalk through a regular, soft role.
  • Some good fun and one-liners which bring out the problems in the educational system.
  • A fast narrative devoid of any unwanted romantic angle. The length of the film at 105 minutes also keeps it crisp.
  • Menaka is back in an impressive role while Kochupreman delivers a fine cameo.
  • Background score by Gowtham is also fine-tuned to the film’s mood.

Skip this for:

  • The script is bumpy ride with nothing eventful in the first half.
  • The script is too fast paced to be believable. Everything seems to happen very quickly. For a narrative which tends to be realistic this feels odd.
  • The inexperience of the debutant director shows up in some parts. Examples for these are the unwarranted comedy scenes and comic characters (like that of Bijukuttan).
  • Except for Jayasurya’s , no other character is properly detailed. The side roles needed more depth in order for the story to be impactful. Unfortunately, It didn’t happen.
  • Many of the actors including Salimkumar, Ann Augustine and Kalpana were wasted in undemanding roles that hardly add to the quality of the movie.
  • Very average technical work with mediocre songs, visuals, and camerawork that hardly needs any special mention.

In the final line, Vaadhyar is only for those who have plenty of time to waste for undemanding things. The movie even with more promotion may not find takers in the long run and is sure to end up as an average flick at the Box Office.