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Movie Review: 3


The movie opens with a death scene - quite bold attempt for a debutant director to start the movie with such a scene. Aishwarya R. Dhanush continues her good work in portraying the teen age love and the stubbornness of the lovers in the later stage to get married against odds. Before going into details, let us first see what the story is.

Ram (Dhanush) stumbles upon Janani (Shruti Hassan) and falls for her. Both are Plus Two students studying in different schools. Janani, a typical middle class girl, tries to avoid Ram but his relentless efforts melt her.

While Ram’s affluent parents agree to the marriage, Janani’s parents reject the love, as they are struggling to come up in life and they are not ready for such a marriage at this juncture. Janani defies them and the lovers finally get their way. An unexpected development comes as a shock in their married life.

Watch the movie to know what turned their fairy tale love a disaster.


Dhanush, Shruthi Haasan, Sunder, Prabhu, Rohini

Aishwarya R. Dhanush


R. Velraj

Story Review : 

Aishwarya has shown her talent as a director in executing the scenes and extracting good performances. She has scored equally well in framing romantic and tragic sequences. The teen age romance looks like a fairy tale love story while the reaction of the girl’s parents looks powerful. Aishwarya has also maintained the fun element throughout the first half. Especially the tuition room scenes are quite enjoyable. She has utilized the energy and youthfulness of Dhanush and Shruti well.

However, the script flatters to deceive in the second half.

Spoiler Alert!!

The protagonist getting bi-polar disorder comes out of blue. It doesn’t fit in to the otherwise clean and simple narrative. The way it comes and the way it is handled are quite pathetic. We can understand the reason behind why ‘Janani’ is not informed about ‘Ram’s problem but his friend ‘Senthil’ (enacted by Sunder) could have informed ‘Ram’s parents who have all sources to give him the best treatment. The director has lost her way in the middle and made a romantic tale in to a tragic one without any convincing reason.

Unfortunately one is reminded of Selvaraghavan’s Mayakam Enna (featuring Dhanush) in which the protagonist has a similar problem. The story becomes monotonous after Dhanush gets affected. The scenes leading to climax are trying our patience. The charm of the lead pair has been wasted in the second half. 

Performance wise Dhanush and Shruthi score good marks in their own ways. Shruthi looks fresh and enacts her role well. Energetic Dhanush handles his role with ease. Both have handled romance and tragic sequences equally well.

Rohini is quite impressive in a couple of scenes while Sunder as Dhanush’s friend is effective. Others including Prabhu are competent.

Anirudh’s back ground score gels well with the film. The song “Kannazhaga…” sounds better that the phenomenal hit “Why This Kolaveri...”. 

Velraj’s camera work is a major plus point of the film.

Overall, 3 could have been a refreshing romantic tale with a more balanced script and convincing second half.