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Mullamottum Munthiricharum lacks in freshness


Indrajith is ‘Churatta Jose’, an orphan in the movie, an irresponsible, directionless person who makes a living by doing petty quotation works. A close aid of ‘Tony’ and ‘Sunny’, (Ashokan and Tini Tom) from an influential family in the village of Muttom. Jose works for their support in every manner and is the ‘drinking’ partner of everyone in the village. Jose, like his father ‘Chandy’, has got special abilities to catch any venomous serpent and is often called for the job. Always remembering the ideals of his father who died following a snake bite, Jose also keeps a special rapport with the priest of the local church (Thilakan), who is always there to set him right whenever Jose turns to bad ways.

It is by the insistence of Tony and Sunny that Jose attempts to throw out a family of an aged father and his two daughters ‘Sumithra’ and ‘Suchithra’ (Praveena and Meghna raj), out of their house. But knowing about the incident, the local priest gives them shelter in Jose’s abandoned house. Almost at the same time, Jose is also forced to take care of ‘Kuriachan’ (Kochu Preman) and his daughter ‘Ranimol’ (Ananya), who falls into a well when Jose follows him in a police uniform originally meant for a drama rehearsal. With two girls around him and families to take care of, Jose is gradually changed into a better individual.   


Indrajith, Meghna Raj, Ananya, Kochupreman, Thilakan

Directed by:
Aneesh Anwar

Written By:
Biju K Joseph

Mohan Sithara

Story Review : 

Mullamottum Munthiricharum is the new movie from Indrajith who has succeeded in creating a fan following of his own with the success of Ee Adutha Kalathu. The movie tells the plot about the changing lives of a rustic village and its inhabitants, mostly going through an aimless life and heavy boozing habits.

Watch the movie for:

  •  Indrajith in a powerful role, with its share of villainy and remorse. He is there in every scene and the movie built around his character is safe guarded from tumbling down by the talented actor who seems to have a cake walk through the role.
  • All others including Meghna Raj and Ananya doing their parts in an appreciable way.

  •  Good story line by Biju K Joseph with some fine sequences, especially in the later half wisely captured by debutante director Aneesh Anwar.

  •  Some fine songs, and some good, adventurous shots in a very exquisite location.

  • Good onscreen chemistry between Meghna and Indrajith and some good scenes by Thilakan and Indrajith.

  •   A not so bad climax.

Skip the movie for:

  • Some sequences do not offer anything fresh in them.
  • An obvious attempt to give a feel of rustic village movies like Kaathodu Kaathoram, to Thazhvaaram is evident.
  • Poor lighting in many night sequences which cast shadows all around, giving the feel of a television drama.
  • Could have been a little less lengthy.

All in all, Mullamottum Munthiricharum, will be of interest to you if you are approaching the theatres with not much expectations. There are some wise sequences, few and far in-between that may remain with you.