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Samantha: welcome success, goodbye laziness


synthroid 50 mcg price anchor viagra cost on nhs buy abilify anonymous buy viagra newcastle Young actress Samantha has a time-tested formula to achieve success in life.  When queried casually at a recent interview as to how success is achieved according to her, she immediately shot back: “Success is achieved by overcoming one’s own weaknesses!”  There is a personal touch in this comment as she herself admitted later.

On a philosophical note, Samantha added that seeking success needn’t necessarily mean realizing or chasing set targets.  “One should learn to defeat the enemy from within.  In my case, I had a great enemy to encounter in the form of my laziness.  Thankfully, I have overcome it and I believe I’m on the right track now,” smiles Samantha.

“There was a time when I came into the movies that I was so lazy.  This caused me to keep postponing or deferring all the important tasks I had to attend to.  To be very frank, I even didn’t have the habit of getting up early from my bed in the mornings.  It was only after the success of Ye Maya Chesave that I came to grips with my fame and started managing my career in a better manner.”

“I have changed my persona a great deal after becoming an actress.  There have been days when I work continuously throughout the day without feeling tired.  It’s because I love my profession and am ready to work even on Sundays as the laziness which dogged me earlier is now out of my system,” says Samantha.