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Ashok's next


Actor Ashok who acted in Pidichirukku is now back with another venture, directed by Tabu Shankar.

Titled Vekkathai Kettal Enna Tharuvai, the film features Darshana and Krithika as the female leads.

The director said the film would talk about love in a sensible manner. It is about the oft-seen 'triangular love' but the treatment is different, says the filmmaker.

The hero is said to be love with Darshana, who however spurns him, which sends him into a bout of depression. Then he seeks the help of his friend Krithika and how they overcome the issues and solve their emotional matters forms the rest of the story.

Ashok who didn't have a very memorable outing in Pidichirukku will be hoping that this film turns things around in his acting career.

Tabu Shankar is a popular name in literary circles, as the man is known for his romantic poems. He has penned lyrics for many films as well. Now that he is wielding the megaphone, expectations are high.