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Bhairavi to wrap up the shoots of Jagatguru


It was reported sometime back that J K Bharavi, the dialogue writer of films like Annamayya (1997) and Sri Ramadasu (2006), has been involved rather intensely in making a film titled Jagatguru, on the divine Adi Shankaracharya, the great Advaita philosopher.  Insiders say that the film is on the verge of completion as almost 95% of the shoot is over.  It has been informed that the film might release either towards the end of April or early May.

Produced by Global Scene Creators, the film boasts of popular names such as Jayaprada and Prakash Raj.  Sri Hari is playing a significant role in the film which also has prominent characters for ex-heroines Meena and Roja.  Others in the cast include Naga Babu, Rohini, Tulasi, Shiva Parvathi, Anand and Jayaprakash Reddy.

The producers claim that the film, that has as its backdrop, the 7th century A.D., has the blessings of the heads of various religious institutions across the country.  Since Adi Shankara's life was full of many divine experiences, the director is trying to depict these through graphics to convey them easily to the audiences.  The film has music by Nag Sri Vathsa.

Bhairavi is penning the dialogues besides directing the film, which also features the veteran Mohan Babu in a very prominent role.