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Chackochan turns army man in Poppins


Kunchako Boban, who was once criticized for his monotonous character selection, has been really cautious about the fact since his comeback. Now, the actor who has recently finished fifty films in his career is all set to appear in a totally different get up.

The actor will don the role of an army man, 'Major Prathap Singh', in the forthcoming movie Poppins by V.K. Prakash. Nithya Menon pairs up with Chackochan in this film. Anoop Menon- Ann Augustine, Jayasurya-Meghna Raj and Indrajith-Padmapriya are the other couples in this movie.

The actor will also appear in three different get ups in Babu Janardhanan’s Bhakthi Prasthanam and the photo of the star with a long hair like resembling the infamous Santhosh Madhavan, is a hit in social media.