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Cheran thanked


Director Sankagiri Rajkumar is grateful to director-actor Cheran for helping him succeed, with his film Vengayam.

The film was released some time last year and received only luke-warm response. It was said that the lack of theatres and the presence of unknown faces hampered the film it a lot.

But the movie seems to have a got a second life, so to say. The film is doing well after it was re-released some time ago. This is mainly because of Cheran's efforts and his mission to ensure that good films don't fall by the wayside.

Rajkumar has no words to thank Cheran, who he said had saved him and his film. Initially, it was Rohini who had seen the film and appreciated it a lot and impressed upon Cheran to watch it. Subsequently, Cheran was impressed with the movie and took it upon himself to re-release it.