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Crazy Star to release for Sankranthi


After much dillydallying actor-producer-director V Ravichandran has finally zeroed in on the release date of his latest venture Crazy Star. Ravichandran has decided to release the film during the Sankranthi festival early next year.

Crazy Star which is a remake of Malayalam hit Traffic has been in the making for the last one and a half years. Ravichandran announced the film in April 2012 and held a press meet to introduce the cast and crew of the film. He had also released the audio of the film.

Though the shooting of the film was complete, the post-production work took some time. Ravichandran has composed the music and has also edited the film apart from directing and playing a role. Now that the post-production is almost complete, Ravichandran intends to release the movie during the auspicious festival of Sankranthi.

It’s been quite some time since Ravichandran’s films has been released and his fans have been waiting eagerly for Crazy Star