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DAM 999 director Sohan Roy’s plea


Viswaroopam may have overcome all the hurdles and released successfully, providing a huge relief to Kamal Haasan, but director Sohan Roy, who made the film, DAM 999 is still sulking.

He feels justice hasn't been done to him as yet. It may be noted that his film was banned by the government of Tamil Nadu some two years ago fearing that it may cause unrest in the State as it is about the long-running feud between Kerala and Tamil Nadu over the Mullaiperiyar dam issue.

In a press statement, Roy said, “I am happy for Kamal that he may see a possible light for his movie Viswaroopam in Tamil Nadu, in fact he should see it through. But why only am I sidelined .Why my movie DAM 999 which is struggling for the last 2 years to get released is still being ignored by the same government?”

The director is unhappy that the government was reluctant to even watch the movie screening despite requests by the producers of the movie who are from Kerala.

“I have great respect for Kamal Hassan. He is a great actor and filmmaker. I too pray for him. But don't you think I am also a human and I too deserve justice. I have lost crores of money by not getting a release. At least let me get some justice,” he lamented.