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Deiva Thirumagal makes a mark at the OAFF


Chiyaan Vikram is known for his strong performances in out-of-the-ordinary roles starting with Sethu (1999). Though some of them may not have performed very well at the Box Office, his performances have always been critically acclaimed. The actor, who makes a very conscious effort to play special and unusual roles in all his films, has won a number of awards both at the National and International arenas.

His 2011 release Deiva Thirumagal in which he played Krishna; a mentally challenged adult with an IQ of a six- year old was critically acclaimed and won a number of awards within the state. The film that was directed by A L Vijay and had Baby Sarah, Anushka Shetty and Amala Paul playing key roles entered in the Osaka Asian Film Festival 2012 and won two awards. It won the Grand Prix award for Best film and Best Entertainer of the festival award.
While a Malaysian director won best promising talent award and a Korean film took home the Audience Award.
Vikram and Director Vijay were both present at the ceremony to collect the awards.
The cast and crew of Deiva Thirumagal were elated by the victory!