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A film on RGV


Ram Gopal Varma is one person in the film industry, whose name never fails to hit the headlines for one reason or the other. Be it Tollywood or Bollywood, he has made a mark for himself and his films (good or bad) have always drawn attention, making him a figure of inspiration for upcoming film makers.

One such director is Ratnachari Pammi. The director, who is a great fan of RGV, has chosen the life of his role model as theme for his next film. The ambitious director plans to start shoot of the film very soon and claims to have already got the script ready. The film is titled as Nenu Nene Ramune with the tag line “Bathaka Nerchina Buddhimantuluku Matrame”, meaning “For those intellectuals who know to Survive”.

As to whether RGV knows of this new development is yet to be known.