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It is up to Ambarish now



With K Manju rejecting the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce’s verdict, now the responsibility of settling the issue about who should release the film first among producers Muniratna and K Manju has finally rested on veteran actor Ambarish’s shoulders.

Earlier KFCC has intervened in the ongoing war between K Manju and Muniratna about who should release their film first as both Kataariveera Surasundarangi and Godfather had Upendra in lead roles. The KFCC had given a verdict stating that whoever gets a Censor Certificate first, would get to release the film first. But K Manju refused it saying that as he was the first to start the film, he must be given the opportunity to release the film first as well.

With Manju rejecting the verdict, the responsibility of solving the problem has now fallen upon Ambarish and the veteran has called for a meeting of both the producers on Wednesday at the KFCC. Now that Ambarish himself has taken the responsibility, Sandalwood is waiting eagerly to see if he can put an end to this issue.