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Krishna in Vallinam


Actor Krishna of Kazhugu fame will be seen in Vallinam. However, he will be making a guest appearance in the film being directed by Arivazhagan and starring Nakul of Boys fame as the protagonist.

The film is being made with sports (basketball) as the backdrop and Krishna will appear as a basketball player.

Arivazhagan, the Eeram director said that they were on the look-out for an established actor who could pull off the role. The director is of the opinion that Krishna, who enjoyed a good run with his last release, was probably a good choice and thinks he (Krishna) has a good screen presence, which would work in their favour.

Interestingly, Krishna is a basketball player in real life and as the director felt it would be appropriate that he did it on screen too. He appears as Nakul’s friend in the movie and was likely to be seen in a match sequence.

Also, the director is pretty confident that Krishna's role is an important one and would stand out in the film and also remain in the audiences' mind for long.