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Lakshmi's pat for officials


Actress-turned-director Lakshmi Ramakrishnan is excited about her directorial debut Aarohanam. The actress, who is also excited about that the fact that her film has got tax exemption, is also pleased that she got the same without much hassles.

In a letter to the media, she said that she had an easy time while getting the necessary clearances from the State government's Commercial Taxes department.

Lakshmi said Aarohanam was viewed recently by the Censor Board officials and the tax exemption committee, who sincerely felt that such movies were needed for society.

“Walking out of a government office after a pleasant encounter with a government official, it dawns on me that things are not as dark as they are made out to be! It is time we got into the so called ‘rut’ and discover for ourselves, for who knows, it may be a completely different picture altogether,” she said.