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Lingu is a huge fan of Mahesh


Mahesh Babu’s fan club seems to be on the rise these days. The newest addition to the club is Kollywood’s acclaimed director-producer Lingusamy.

Speaking to newsmen at a recent press conference held in Hyderabad, Lingusamy took the media by surprise when he claimed that he was a huge fan of ‘prince’ Mahesh Babu.  “Though I have met Mahesh a few times in the past and interacted with him a lot about films, we haven’t been able to come together as on date to make a film.  I hope the time for such a film comes sooner than later.

“In fact, it has been my dream for quite a long time to make a Telugu film.  I earnestly believe that this dream would be realized this year,” said Lingusamy who has directed successful films like Paiya and Vettai.  It is said that Mahesh Babu was Lingusamy’s original choice to play the lead role in Vettai which was later played by Aarya as Mahesh was too busy to commit himself.