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Meenal: From second to first


Actress Meenal seems to be making progress as far as her career is concerned. After playing second fiddle in a few movies (read second heroine), she is now moved one step higher and is donning the lead role in a couple of movies apart from landing a character in veteran director Bharathiraja's Annakodiym Kodiveeranum.

Also, she has earned a spot in cinematographer-turned-director Thangar Bachchan's Ammavin Kaipesi which has Shanthanoo and Iniya in the lead roles.

Meenal, who is playing a village belle in Bachchan's film is very excited about her two other films that are ready for release including Kaliyugam and Sakthi Chidambaram's Machan.

Looking back at her career so far, she said it was nice to work with Dhanush in Aadukalam and is hopeful that her character in Bharathiraja's movie will win her praise and take her to the next level in Kollywood.