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Mugamoodi has Bruce Lee’s co-star training Jiiva


Actor Jiiva’s upcoming film Mugamoodi has already raised huge expectations among his fans and movie-goers.  The film, which is produced by UTV Motion Pictures and directed by Myskin, is the first ‘super-hero’ film to be made in Tamil and is as such targeted not merely at children but at elders as well.  Popular model Pooja Hegde is debuting as heroine in Kollywood with this film.

Naren plays a character with ‘negative shades’ in this film. Actor Vijay released the audio cassettes and CDs of the film last week in Chennai, which were accepted by Kannada star Puneeth Rajkumar.  The film has a Hollywood stunt choreographer, who had earlier worked with the late Bruce Lee, setting up Jiiva’s fight sequences.

Talking elaborately about his film, Myskin said, “Jiiva plays a super-man in the film who is an expert in the martial art form of Kung-Fu.  In order to ensure that Jiiva is trained properly in this regard, we had been to Hong Kong to hunt for a proper trainer to train Jiiva.  By chance, we came across a stunt choreographer who had worked with the late Bruce Lee in the film Enter The Dragon.

He had fought with Lee in the film and then worked in many Hollywood films as stunt choreographer.  We’re fortunate and feel honoured that he agreed to work in our film.  The stunt sequences in the film have come out very well and would be a never-before experience for the viewers.”

Sathya is the cinematographer of the film which has music by Kay and lyrics by Madan Karky.  Jiiva’s ‘special costumes’ for the ‘super-man’ get-up had been specially designed by costume designers who have come to Chennai from Hong Kong.  The film is expected to hit the screens on August 31.