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Prabhudeva in India’s first 3D film on dance


Actor-choreographer-filmmaker Prabhudeva has signed up to play a prominent role in the upcoming film titled ABCD (Anybody Can Dance).  The film is the country’s first ever 3D film dedicated to dancing.  Popularly referred to India’s ‘Michael Jackson’, Prabhudeva created ‘dancing revolution’ in the nineties through his dance and choreography in various films.

Despite the various controversies that he finds himself in from time to time, Prabhudeva’s popularity as a ‘dancing sensation’ is still very much intact. Prabudeva performed live at the inauguration of the IPL-5 cricket carnival a fortnight back in Chennai.  A few more dance choreographers are also likely to star along with Prabhudeva in the film.

Talking about the film, Prabhudeva says, “This is the first 3D film dedicated to dance.  The film has no heroine and has me in a prominent role.  It’s made in a painstaking manner as specialists have to be around during the filming of each and every sequence in the film.  For example, even if an insect gets into the scheme of things, it would look bigger and awkward on screen.

 “I’m often asked whether I’m ready to dance for single ‘dance numbers’ in films.  I have done so early in my career and I am ready to do so in the future too!”