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Prithviraj’s remedial measures


Young star Prithviraj has not been enjoying a great time in his Malayalam career, with his recent flicks like Masters and Hero not doing as expected at the box office. Moreover, the other young stars like Asif Ali, Fahad Fazil, Nivin Pauly, Unni Mukundan and Dulquar Salman have emerged as some definite names to look forward to, capable of doing meaty roles. Sensing imminent danger,the actor seems to have taken certain remedial measures to put his career back on track.

His new movie to come out will be a family thriller Molly Aunty Rocks with Revathy in the title role. He will also be banking highly on one of the most successful directors of recent times, Anwar Rasheed’s Vey Raja Vey.

Prithvi has also allotted immediate dates to Roshan Andrews for his next movie. Since both of them need an immediate hit, Roshan will be taking much care to weave an appreciable film, which will also benefit Prithvi’s box office prospects.