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Rhinos support Kings


To say cricket is a popular sport in India would be an understatement, the IPL craze is back again this year and everyone is trying to show their support for their home teams in one way or another.

At a function held in Chennai recently, actors including Vishal who captained the Rhinos to victory in CCL released a track titled “Va Machan Va…” apparently to show their support to the home IPL team Chennai Super Kings.

Among those present were Ramana, Vishnu, Jithan Ramesh, Vikranth, Rishi, Shanthanu and Prithvi.

Speaking at the function, Vishal said, “We are very happy to be here and encourage these youngsters who have shown their love for the Chennai Super Kings by this catchy song. We have always been supporting the team and we are sure they will rock once again.”

The singers, Imtiaz, Srinivas Ganesh, Muruga and Ganesh performed the song live at the function.