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Suresh Gopi’s cop film comes to Telugu


Suresh Gopi, one of the leading stars of Mollywood, is all set to charm the Telugu viewers with the dubbed version of his latest Malayalam film in Telugu.  The film has been titled as Kanyakumari Express and has been produced by the duo of Ramesh and Srinivas.

Sunil is bringing the film, which has been directed by Sharath, for the benefit of the Telugu audiences.  Sunil gets talking about the film when he says “Suresh plays an honest and upright IPS official in the film.  The sequences have been so conceived to reflect the present day political scenario in the country.  Though there have been many stories with the hero playing the cop, this one is refreshingly different.”

“It’d make the movie-goers in particular and the public in general to hold the uniformed personnel in high esteem.  As he always does, Suresh has put in a powerhouse performance,” says Sunil.  Action sequences in the film were canned in Madurai.

Veteran Babu Antony and Lina are playing prominent roles in the film which is likely to hit the screens across the State on April 27.