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A tenuous solution


These are hapless times for the Tamil film industry. Just days after a longish stir ended, the Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) and Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) were at loggerheads again and a strike was announced.

When another protracted struggle loomed, the Tamil Nadu government chose to intervene and bring about an end to the crisis.

The Labour Minister Chellapandian presided over the truce, which is considered to be a little tenuous. It is said that the Minister held separate talks with representatives of the Producers' Council and FEFSI.

Sources have it that the Minister had voiced his opinion against unending strike in the industry. He is said to have recommended calling off the strike and has asked the feuding bodies to get on with things.

Importantly, he is said to have advised them to continue with the talks without disrupting the shooting of films.

Probably acceding to the Minister's request, FEFSI decided to join shooting duties from Wednesday. It must however, be said that the issues between FEFSI and the Producers' Council persist as wage restructuring is yet to be resolved.

Just hours after the decision was announced, a section of producers expressed bitterness over Producer’s Council president S A Chandrasekaran attending peace talks and tendered resignation.

Now another issue is raging!