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Upendra vs Puneeth !


Sources in Sandalwood state that the two biggies are expected to release on the same day. The two films starring Upendra and Puneeth Rajkumar in the lead roles respectively are scheduled for an April 27 release.

Both films are, in a way or another much anticipated. While Kataariveera boasts of an ensemble of star cast like Upendra, Ramya, Ambarish and is shot in 2D/3D versions, Anna Bond has created a big hype because of the celebrated combination of Puneeth Rajkumar and Soori who have already delivered a mass hit like Jackie (2010).
This is not the first time that Puneeth and Upendra's films have a clash in their release dates. Earlier Puneeth's Namma Basava (2005) and Upendra's Auto Shankar (2005) was released on the same day of which Auto Shankar managed to keep the Box Office Ringing. The second time Puneeth's Milana (2007) beat Upendra's Anaatharu (2007) and ran for an entire year.
For the third time now, Puneeth and Upendra are getting ready for an onscreen face-off, who will emerge victorious this time? Well, only time will tell!