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Vijay accepts and wins the challenge!


Riding high on the success of Bheema Teeradalli actor Vijay has visited Bheema Basin not only for promoting the film, but also as an answer to the challenge made by veteran journalist Ravi Belagere.

Ravi Belagere had challenged Vijay to visit Bheema Basin as the film has not projected the people in good light. Ravi Belagere had also cautioned that the family of Chandappa Harijan (the role Vijay played in the film) may turn hostile against Vijay and the film makers for showing him wrongly.

Vijay however took up the challenge and visited the Bheema Basin and other places on Sunday and Monday. In spite of a threat, Vijay got a good reception in those areas. In fact, Chandappa Harijan's brother came out in public saying that it is Ravi Belagere who is the real cause of his brother's death and no one else.

Meanwhile, the film is doing great business all over, particularly the northern part of Karnataka. The first week share of the distributor is said to be around two crores. Distributor Prasad says, if the reaction continues to be good, then he may recover the cost within three weeks and the rest is the profit.