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What's up with Mugamoodi


Jiiva had a series of releases last year and Ko turned out to be a super hit. Now, there has been lot of talk about his next film Mugamoodi, though the makers of the film haven’t revealed much about it.

Meanwhile, buzz is that director Mysskin is keen on keeping things under wraps as far as Mugamoodi is concerned.

It is believed to be a superhero film, buzz is that Jiiva will be donning a never before seen role and a lot is riding on the project for him.

The film has suffered enough delays and the shooting has resumed some days back. Dhananjayan of UTV tweeted, “Mugamoodi shooting progressing briskly.  Jiiva in the stylishly designed Super Hero costume is majestic and first shot was taken last night. Jiiva in da Super Hero look cannot be revealed till music release as per Director Mysskin's advice. Jiiva is apt & super cool in da new look.”