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Review: Aayiram Muthangaludan Thenmozhi


Venkatesh, Akshara


E Anand

Music Director:
Thaj Noor

Story Review : 

These are days of plenty or so to say. Scores of films are being churned out in Kollywood, despite many sinking without a trace at the box-office.

The latest to release is Aayiram Muthanguladan Thenmozhi which features a host of newcomers and comes with lower expectations.

The film is directed by debutant Shanmugaraj, who claims to have conducted an acting workshop for nearly a year for his cast, when he embarked on the project, since most of them were new. However, it seems that the director is the one who should have had some training before getting down to work.

Rather unconvincing screenplay and narration make the film a tedious journey. The script has several loose ends and had the director paid more attention to the script, the end-product might have been better, as it has an interesting knot.

Ramesh (Venkatesh) meets Thenmozhi (Akshara) on a bus and it is love at first sight for the two. As their love blossoms over a period of time, they decide to get married. 

Meanwhile, Thenmozhi's friend urges them to get into a live-in relationship to understand each other better. Going by that advice, Ramesh and Thenmozhi begin to live together, but problems begin to crop up. The rest of the story is about whether the two find a solution to the issues.

The lead duo, Venkatesh and Akshara, fit the bill but the poor narration seems to hamper the film's progress. The music, cinematography and other technical aspects help shore up the film to some extent. Haphazard narration makes Shanmugaraj's debut venture a rather forgettable one.