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Review: Bheema Teeradalli


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Om Prakash Rao

Anaji Nagaraj

Abhiman Roy
Anaji Nagaraj
Story Review : 

Om Prakash Rao, who is known for his action films, is back with yet another full-fledged action film, but this time with a difference. Om Prakash has brought us a socially significant film which touches people’s hearts.

Bheema Teeradalli focuses on the problems prevailing in Northern Karnataka and how a common man called Chandappa, in his fight against the system, gets labelled as a dreaded gangster. The film portrays a common man's struggle against injustice. However the film has its own pros and cons.

Watch the movie for

  • The first thing you will notice in the film is the screenplay and the way Om Prakash has narrated the story. Om Prakash does not test audiences’ patience with unnecessary songs or scenes.
  • The supporting artistes have played their roles to perfection. Lokanath, Doddanna, Umashree, Sharath Lohitashwa, Suchendra Prasad, Srinivas Murthy have excelled in their respective roles. No other film or director has used supporting artistes this well, in the recent times.
  • Though Vijay's performance is a bit over –the-top, the actor fits the role and excels in emotional as well as action sequences. Praneetha does justice to the role given to her and supports the flow of the story.
  • Apart from concentrating on action sequences, Om Prakash has also given importance to issues like lack of education, health care and basic amenities. It is indeed the social concern that impresses the audience.
  • The technical aspects including the cinematography as well as the background score is of high standards. After a small hiatus, Anaji Nagaraj has returned to cinematography and has done an excellent job behind the camera.
  • The language and nativity in the film is almost perfect and gels with the narration.

You can skip this movie for:

  • The film's major setback is an overdose of action and violence, which irks the audience at one point or another.
  • The emotional sequences are a bit melodramatic and could have been narrated in more realistic fashion.

Overall Bheema Theeradalli is not just for Vijay's fans but for everybody. The film is definitely worth a watch!