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Review: Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam


The movie is set in a proverbial village called Vattanaathra, where the life of peaceful villagers is affected by a big theft in the biggest gold shop run by a Gujarati. With no real clues to the incident, the local moronic police inspector (Innocent) and overactive Panchayat President (Nedumudi Venu)  is after an idealistic schoolteacher named ‘Madhavankutty’ (Sreenivasan),  to compel him to testify in a court as having seen a crime that he had not witnessed .A modest man who comes from a distant town, Madhavankutty is fearful of the procedures and flees from the place not able to withstand the pressure, leaving behind his wife ‘Vimala’ (Rajasri) and the couple’s two kids. But with more dark events happening near his room in the village junction, MadhavanKutty is finally  forced to make a real bold testimony.  

The movie is embellished with regular stereotyped characters seen in a village. And so we have here ‘Murali’ (Nivin Pauly), an educated but unemployed youth, ‘Bhama’ (Iniya), his lover who does small jobs  to make a living,  the  leftist leader  ‘Sugunan’ (Suraj Venjarammoodu) and the characteristic teashop from where every sequence develops.


Sreenivasan, Rajasri, Nivin Pauly, Iniya, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Nedumudi Venu

Screenplay, Direction:
Joe Chalissery

Mohan Sitara

Sameer Haq

Story Review : 

 Debutante director Joe Chalissery has tried to add his share into the list of feel good films with his movie Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam. Though the title sounds interesting, the movie ends up as a half-hearted attempt at its best, with plenty of drawbacks in characterisations and presentation. The entire milieu in which the plot is placed appear “utopian”, and that seems to be killing much of the attempts of this adaptation of Sethu’s short story “Deshathinte Vijayam”.

Watch the movie for:

  • Good performances from the cast. Relatively freshers Rajasri and Iniya are appreciable in their roles.
  • Two good songs by Mohan Sitara
  • Fair technical side

Skip the movie for:

  • A plot which could be summarised into a short film. The juggling act between humour and reality fails to stay alive for long.
  • Poor direction, lending no believability to the plot which demanded an accomplished craftsman at its helm to end up as a decent affair.
  • Screenplay lacks finesse, leaving a lot of pitfalls in logic.
  • Dialogues lacks imagination and attempts at humour backfire most of the time.
  • Nivin Pauly, Innocent and Sreenivasan are wasted in roles in which they have nothing much to do.

With nothing new to offer, Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam fails to make an impact.