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Review: Bulbul


'Vijay' (Darshan) is in love with his father's (Ambarish) friend’s daughter 'Cauvery' (Rachita Ram) who lives in Switzerland. Both are childhood friends, but are parted when Cauvery’s father decides to relocate to Switzerland.

After a long gap, Cauvery and her father come to India to attend a common friend’s daughter's wedding. Cauvery happens to meet Vijay who is also there along with his family. Though Vijay is in love
With Cauvery, she is more enamoured by another guy, Rishi. Even Vijay’s father encourages Cauvery to marry Rishi.
What does Vijay do? Does he win his love back? Or does he let her go? This forms the crux of the film.

Darshan, Ambarish, Rachita Ram, Sharan, Sharath Lohitashwa and others

M D Sridhar


V Harikrishna


Story Review : 

Apart from being a little lengthy, this Darshan starrer proves to be an out-and-out family entertainer with a liberal dose of commercial elements thrown in. 

The film is a remake of the Telugu hit Darling, but director M D Sridhar who has also written the screenplay has made a lot of changes to suit the taste of Kannada audiences. He is pretty much successful in this attempt. 

Watch the movie for:

  • The main highlight of the film is Darshan. The actor who is known for his action and ‘Challenging Star’ image has done  a great job with this romantic role. With this film, he not only charms his die-hard fans but also the family audiences
  • The combination of Ambarish and Darshan is a treat to watch. The duo steal the show with their style and chemistry
  • The film has good cinematography by K K. It is a treat to see Switzerland through his lenses
  • Harikrishna’s music is good with three hummable songs

Skip the movie for:

  • The main problem of the film is its length. It seems to drag on tad too long and gets boring in parts. The director could have avoided some unnecessary sequences
  • The first half of the film where Vijay meets Cauvery in Switzerland, though entertaining, has nothing to do with the entire plot
  • There are a whole lot of characters in the film. But apart from a few characters, the rest have nothing to do in the film, except to sing and dance

Final verdict:

Bulbul is a good entertainer that can be watched with the entire family.