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Review: Kadal Kadannu Oru Mathukutty


Kadal Kadannu Oru Mathukutty released for the Ramzan season amid huge expectations. Coming from a director like Renjith, and with Mammootty in the lead, people’s expectations from the film were sky high.  But the disappointment was visible on faces of people coming out of theaters.

Though the movie begins promisingly capturing German locales, it becomes sluggish mid-way on Kerala roads and ends expectedly in a German home.


Mammootty, Muthumani, Balachandra Menon, Nedumudi Venu, Meera Nandan, and Sekhar Menon



Story Review : 
The film starts with an association in Germany holding a meeting, churning out plans for a stage show with Malayalam film stars including Mohanlal. Kurudamchalil ‘Mathew George’ alias ‘Mathukutty’ (Mammootty) is assigned with the task of meeting Mohanlal in Kerala. Mathukutty, leading a mundane jobless life in Germany taking care of household chores, is excited to visit Kerala sans his domineering wife. Though living in Germany, Mathukutty still holds Kerala values in his heart which is echoed through his dialogues with his friends on arriving in Kerala. 
The film then tracks Mathukutty’s meeting with film stars and then his journey to his hometown at Plankamon meeting his friends and relatives including his old lady love Rosy. An inane clash with a local broadcaster, Vidhayadharan, drags Mathukuuty into complicated issues. This is when Mathukutty realizes the other side of his folk. It is here where Renjith’s lackadaisical approach is hard to realize, considering how classy all his previous movies were.
Watch the movie for:
  • Mammootty as Mathukutty excels in another down-to-earth role
  • A satire on Keralites’ mindset on exploiting people for monetary benefits
  • Mohanlal and Dileep’s screen presence in short cameos
  • Cinematography by Madhu Neelakantan
  • Witty dialogues 
Skip the movie for:
  • Average script gone topsy-turvy
  • Nothing to please Mammootty’s hardcore fans
  • Lagging at places
  • Unwanted song towards the climax tests the audience’s patience
  • Poor editing and background score add to the film’s woes
Final Verdict:
Though the film has some elements that may satisfy family audience, it looks like a failed attempt at mature cinema by a director of Renjith’s caliber.