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Review: Mammootty's Silence


After meeting with some success with new generation flicks, V K Prakash has come up with Silence, his first movie with Mammootty.

The movie has Mammootty as ‘Aravind Chandrasekhar’, a highly successful lawyer practicing at Bengaluru High Court. He has an enviable track record which is well appreciated by all in his profession.

He goes on to visit his parents in Kerala, with his wife and children, before taking up his new charge as the district judge. The movie takes a turn as he starts getting calls from a stranger, who refuses to reveal his identity. He initially thinks it is a prank call, but when some men follow his car and his child is abducted, he informs the cops and Arvind’s friend, ‘Neil George’ IPS (Anoop Menon). Within days they find the one who is regularly making the calls. But when they follow him, they find him dead at a construction site. What follows next forms the rest of the plot.


Mammootty, Pallavi Chandran, Anoop Menon

V K Prakash

Story Review : 

Mammootty makes a comeback in an elegant, stylish avatar. The movie remains watchable only because of him. Anoop Menon shares good chemistry with Mammootty.

The film is good technically all through, with fine editing and visuals. The first half of the movie passes easily. But the second half is a clichéd tale full of predictable twists.

The second half could have definitely been scripted better. The average dialogues fail the narrative.  

There just aren’t enough thrills to keep the audience’s attention. Even at an acceptable 110 minutes, the movie remains a tedious watch.

Final verdict:

 Silence may not be an ideal choice for the weekend watch.