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Review: Mugamoodi


A gang led by ‘Anguchamy/ Dragon’ (Narein) comes to Chennai after playing havoc in Mumbai.  They kill for money and jewellery, and let loose a reign of terror.  They always leave without a trace, making it difficult for the police to track them. 

‘Gaurav’ (Nassar), the tough cop who trails them in Mumbai, invariably loses them every time as the gang gives him the slip. He is brought to Chennai to lead the investigation team.

‘Anand’ (Jiiva) is a care-free youth who is an expert in the martial art form of Kung-Fu.  He is so fond of Kung-Fu that his friends call him ‘Bruce Lee’. Though he is pilloried by his father as ‘irresponsible’, his grandparents and mother treat him well.

Anand fights off some hooligans in a marketplace. He is arrested by the police for disorderly conduct with the help of a beautiful girl ‘Shakti’ (Pooja Hegde), Gaurav’s daughter. The police warn him and let him go. Anand, angry with the girl, tries to teach her a lesson, but falls for her stunning looks when he meets her.

In an attempt to pacify her and win her heart Anand wears a mask and plays some tricks in front her. Impressed by him shenanigans, Shakti falls for Anand while still unaware of his identity.

In one such moment when Anand puts on a mask, he comes across a gang of robbers. He chases them and succeeds in catching one of them. He then sets out on his masked venture catching bad guys.

And on one such day, the gang tires to kill Asst. Commisioner Gaurav, but the cops end up believing Anand to be the gang’s leader and this sets the police on his trail.

Anguchamy, the actual gang-leader, happens to be Anand’s long lost friend; apparently the two had trained under the same master. The gang is now set to do something big and the police are in a fix. Everyone is waiting for the Masked Man (Mugamoodi) to save them.

Does Mugamoodi save people from the clutches of Anguchamy and his gang? and Does Anand win over Shakti’s heart? 


Jiiva, Narain, Pooja Hegde, Nassar and Girish Karnad

Written and directed by:


Story Review : 

Myshkin has chosen an interesting theme and presented it with an interesting script. He has maintained that suspense element without deliberately misleading the viewers. He has created two different streams within the story. One is about the robbery and the investigation. Another is Jiiva’s life and the way he gets in to trouble. He connects both the streams well and unfolds the mystery carefully.

Though Jiiva becomes Mugamoody (a man with the mask) after a point, the director hasn’t taken too much liberty in his action sequences. The way Kung-Fu has been utilized is quite delightful. The movie has rightly been dedicated to Bruce Lee. The stunts have been spectacularly choreographed.

On the flip side, the character of heroine leaves much to be desired. Her introduction scene in particular is quite disappointing. The movie’s length plays spoilsport. Too many complications in the second half mar the overall impact. The well-executed climax is loaded with a lot of logical flaws.


Jiiva is charm personified as a care free youth. His tryst with Kung-Fu is amazing. He handles the seriousness in the role with ease. Narein as a villain is a surprise package. He too excels in action sequences along with Jiiva. Pooja looks fabulous but gets little to do to make any impact. Nassar and Girish Karnad add value to the movie with their strong performances. K’s songs sound good but his background score is jarring in a few places.

Watch the movie for:

  • Jiiva and Narein’s performance
  • Interesting script
  • Stunts

Skip the movie for:

  • The length of the film
  • Too many complications and sub plots
  • Not-so impressive music

Overall Mysskin has ensured to bring out a clean entertainer by presenting a super hero story well. Despite some flaws, the movie is a winner in terms of providing entertainment to the viewers.