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Review: Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla



Natholi… revolves around a common guy named Prem, (Fahadh Faasil) who believes a lot in his writing skills. Though he likes to join the film industry, his mother forces him to get a little more mature and start doing worthy jobs, the first being the caretaker of a big multi-storeyed building. Prem, who expects much free time in the job is saddened by the attitude of the residents of the building’s ten floors. They start calling him ‘Natholi’ and keep assigning him pretty jobs one after another. Though he finds some solace in sweeper Kumari and the watchman Vasu, everyone else including ‘Prabha’(Kamalinee), a bold adventure- tourism organizer by profession,  treats him like  a slave. On one occasion he even gets beaten up for misbehaving with one of the residents. Prem decides to give up. But due to persuasion from his guru ( P.Balachandran) he bounces back and starts his vengeance by creating a character named ‘Narendran’(Fahad) who soon wreaks havoc in the lives of all the men in the flats. The cat and mouse game between this surreal villain and his mentor forms the rest of the film.


Fahadh Faasil, Kamalinee Mukherjee, Rima Kalligal, P Balachandran

V K Prakash

Shankar Ramakrishnan

Abhijit Shylanath

Arun James

Aji Medayil, Joe Kaithamattam, Christi Kaithamattam

Story Review : 


Coming from the likes of V K Prakash and Shankar Ramakrishnan- two of the torch bearers of the new generation cinemas in Mollywood, Netholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla lives up to reputation  of its genre and provides a  wonderful opportunity to for the audience to witness a daring, experimental movie based on a subject never approached before in Mollywood.  With a strikingly different premise and observations from a very different angle, this movie is for the viewers who demand much varied items on their visual menu. 

Watch the film for:

  • A daringly different storyline by Shankar Ramakrishnan, its surrealistic approach and narration.
  • Good dialogues laden with strong humor which helps the movie to have an effective ride all through its first half.
  • Excellent performances from Fahad Fazil in both the roles, which showcase his range as an actor in demanding, meaty roles. The rest of the cast are also fine with Mukundan  delivering a fine performance in  differently written role.
  • A movie that works at many levels with a fine, mature climax and satirical gags.
  • Good cinematography by Arun James, fine technical work and songs.


Skip the movie for:

  • Not made for the sensibilities of an average viewer. Mass masala flick lovers won’t approve.
  • The movie neither starts nor ends in a usual run-of-the-mill way.
  • The songs by Abhilash are average at best, though the BG scores are better.
  • Kamalinee’s dubbing falls out of sync at times.

This film caters to the enthusiasts of serious, well made new generation cinema which are based on  simple everyday-life based subjects with interesting narrations