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Review: Oru Indian Pranayakatha


After a long time  Sathyan Anthikkad has moved out of his regular crew to team up with actors like Fahadh faasil. This time he has dropped his own script for another by Iqbal Kuttipuram for Oru Indian Prayakadha.

Sathyan offers Fahadh a regular conventional comedy ­character that is typical of Jayasuirya or Dileep. This is the only highlight of the film and Fahadh does struggle in some parts but with help of Amala Paul, manages to make it a watchable flick.   

Fahadh is ‘Aymanan Sidharthan’, a local young politician of RDF party from Kottayam in the movie. He is waiting for the death of the sitting MLA, as his party’s district president, a TV discussions-savvy ‘Uthup Vallikkadan’ (Innocent), likes to project Siddharthan as the next MLA.

However, his hopes are broken as the High Command opts for a less influential female candidate. Siddharthan now decides to drop the party campaign for some time. Uthup advises him to help a lady coming from Canada, ‘Irene Gardner’ (Amala Paul). Siddharthan now takes up the job of assisting the young woman, a Canadian citizen, who has come to make a documentary on orphanages. But within days Sidhaarthan realises that Irene is here not just to make documentaries, but to find clues to her missing parents from whom she was adopted in her childhood by a Canadian family.


Fahadh Faasil, Amala Paul, Innocent


Sathyan Anthikkad

Story Review : 

The film has an interesting simple plot written by Iqbal Kuttippuram, nourished by typical Sathyan Anthikkad sequences. Fahadh Faasil is seen a typical commercial hero of lighter movies for the first time. Amala Pauls delivers aA great performance by Amala Paul who looks quite real in the heavy role of a Canadian citizen.

Some songs by Vidhya Sagar are good. Cinematographer Pradeep Nair cans some fine visuals.

But on the down side, the film looks inspired from many films like Orkut Oru Ormakkut. You cand see Fahadh finding it difficult to feel at ease in a very normal character with regular emotions. Not much scope to exhibit his brilliance. The dialogues are not up to the mark. The movie is not as hilarious as you expect it to be.

There isn’t much logic in the identity unearthing sequences. There is a lot of melodrama in the later half. The background score is a little loud.

The film seems a tad long at 140 minutes.

Final Verdict:

Oru Indian Pranayakatha is a typical cliched  Sathyan Anthikkad movie which will appeal to family audiences. This may manage to end-up in the safe side at the box office.