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Saguni: A treat for Karthi-Santhanam fans!


‘Kamalakkannan’ alias ‘Kamal’ (Karthi) reaches Chennai from his remote village in the State’s interior to submit a petition to Chief Minister ‘Boopathy’ (Prakash Raj) requesting him to save his ancestral house from being demolished to enable a railway track to come up at the place.

Kamal meets auto driver ‘Rajini Appadurai’ (Santhanam) on his arrival in Chennai. Rajini and Kamal embark on a colourful journey to meet the CM. They manage to meet the CM after some effort but as it happens, the CM overlooks and neglects his petition after promising to the needful.

Stung by humiliation, Kamal plunges into politics to take on the CM’s callous attitude towards people. In his endeavour, he uses his contacts with a local don ‘Ramani Akka’ (Radhika), ‘Beedi Samiyar’ (Nasser) and ‘Perumal’ (Kota). All of them have been immensely benefited by Kamalakkannan’s shrewd ways. Cleverly adapting a strategy, he manages to curb the power-hungry CM and manages to save his house from demolition.


Karthi, Pranitha, Nasser, Radhika, Prakash Raj, Santhanam and Kota Srinivasa Rao

G V Prakash Kumar

Shankar Dayal

Produced by:
Studio Green

Story Review : 

The cracking combination of Karthi and Santhanam which had a bash in Siruthai is back in Saguni as well. The film also boast an all star cast that includes Nasser, Radhika, Prakash Raj, Santhanam and Kota Srinivasa Rao.

Watch the movie for:

  • Hero Karthi, who dazzles in a role tailor-made for him.
  • Karthi and Santhanam’s combo, which has yet again hit done an amazing job. Though the ‘chemistry’ between the two isn’t as impressive as was the case in Siruthai, the combo sure makes the audience happy.
  • Biggies Nasser, Radhika and Prakash Raj, who have essayed their roles admirably.

You can skip this movie for:

  • The careless screenplay, which is a complete let down for a film that has all the elements necessary for a mega stunner.
  • Logic, that takes a severe beating in many sequences. It is surprising to see that except the CM, all others tend to obey the hero without questioning his wisdom.
  • Not optimally utilizing performers like Anushka and Andrea. The actresses have been brought in for meaningless cameos and Pranitha, the leading lady, disappears from the frame after a couple of songs.
  • Music director, G V Prakash Kumar’s shoddy work. The songs fail to impress the audience, while the background score is far from impressive.

Overall, Saguni has some fun elements but had the director paid more attention to the screenplay, the film would have been a more engrossing flick.