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Spat over 1 Nenokkadine still between Mahesh Babu fans and Samantha


A spat erupted between Samantha and Mahesh Babu fans on social media over a 1 Nenokkadine still released yesterday. The still shows heroine Kriti Sanon on all fours at Mahesh Babu's feet on a beach.

"Saw a poster of a yet to be released Telugu film. Not only is it deeply regressive,but it's point is actually that it is deeply regressive," tweeted Samantha on her personal handle. This drew the ire of Mahesh Babu fans who went on a rampage condemning her comment. To add fuel to the fire, actor Siddharth came out in suporrt of Samantha and tweeted, "As kids, we would jump and wave and shout to get that lucky 1 second connect with a star. ‘He saw me. She waved back. He smiled at me.' Today’s kids have immediate access to their stars through twitter. To reach out and say what they want. A 2 way street which suddenly exists." 

He reacted to the outrage of the fans with the following tweet - "Agree or disagree all you want. The moment you question anyone’s right to an opinion, well that just makes you a bully, a terrorist even. Wash your feet & leave your hate at the door. It you don’t it’ll be you who loses that privilege to be part of this..left shouting. Alone… It’s a powerful tool Twitter, but only if it is not destroyed by ugly, hateful, false gangster confidence. Too much of that going around."

These tweets by Siddharth was enough to start a full-fledged social media war. With the hashtag #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth, the spat took on mammoth proportions when Mahesh Babu's fans bombarded Samantha and Siddharth to stay away from their idol and leave the industry.

Heroines, for most part, are ornamental in Telugu films, appearing only in song and dance sequences. Samantha should know this better than anybody. But all said and done, is it valid to publicize pictures that show a woman in a regressive posture? Over to you Kriti Sanon. We would love to know what the young lady's views are about the picture in question. Mahesh Babu has kept mum about the whole issue till now. 

And social media is a public platform and everyone has the right to air their views. So, is it right on the part of fans to bully stars on their personal views?  

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