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Usthad Hotel is a must-watch!


merck propecia coupon price of cytotec pills viagra online boots generic propecia wiki internet The movie is all about a rich young boy, ‘Faizal Abdul Razaq’ aka ‘Faizee’, (Dulquar) reared in Dubai and educated at Switzerland, who aspires to become an Executive Chef in a five star hotel in London. His business man father (Siddhique), but doesn’t succumb to his only son’s plans of settling abroad with a foreigner girlfriend. Disturbed by the plans laid before him by his father, Faizee walks out of his home and sets on a journey to Kozhikode beach where his grandfather ‘Kareem’ (Thilakan), is running an ethnic small restaurant. And in the few months that he lives with his grandfather, Faizee realizes that serving food is more humane than what he has ever thought of.


Dulquar Salman, Thilakan, Nithya Menon, Mamukkoya, Siddique, Lena

Anwar Rasheed

Written By:
Anjali Menon

Gopi Sundar



Story Review : 

In a year that seems to be more eventful than it appears, there is a heartening view of diverse genres being attempted fruitfully every week.  Usthad Hotel from Anwar Rasheed is undoubtedly another happy entry to this cinematic milieu. A well-executed movie in all standards, with wise, fresh screenplay and cheerful music, this is sheer poetry on screen, an attempt that is definite to strike a chord with the Kerala audience.

A very rare experience for the Malayalam cinema lovers, this metro-centric film will attract the young and older audiences alike, and would also prove to be the first choice of both the urban and rural audiences in the coming weeks. Anwar Rasheed deserves bouquets for handling several scenes with aplomb, the best being the sequences between Thilakan and Dulquar.

Watch the movie for:

  • Overall a director’s film, that in all accounts speaks loud about the quality of work that has gone behind it. Undoubtedly the best so far from Anwar, and one of the best movies that the year has produced so far, many sequences in the film will stay fresh in the mind of the viewer even after the curtains fall.

  • Anjali Menon’s script has the power to engage and alarm you consistently. Added to that is the fine, genuine dialogues with the Kozhikode slang consistently maintained all through.

  • The choice of actors is most appropriate. Dulquar proves that he is a talented actor and is extremely likeable .He stands firm on his feet in dramatic sequences, confirming yet again that he's not merely a star-kid but a good actor as well.

  • Thilakan pitching in another power-packed performance.

  • Technically also, the film is a treat. The cinematography by Lokanathan is one of the best seen in the recent times.

  • The sound quality and music by Gopi Sundar are fine and syncs in well with the movie. His catchy background music also adds much to the quality of the movie.

Skip the movie for:

  • The second half might seem a little slow for some people.

Essentially a slice of life film, with a great concept that has been told realistically. The message element in the tail piece, based on the humanitarian works of some real life personalities working in Madurai must be an eye opener not only for Faizee, but also for thousands who had the strongest tastes ever from this Usthad Hotel. Strongly recommended for all lovers of good cinema!